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Max Barney Estate | United Kingdom

Twenty Bonhill

Branding + Digital + Print + Strategy

How do you capture the attention of a discerning Shoreditch audience in a saturated property market? Meet Poppy, Elliot, Hugh, Frank and Tommy…

A newly refurbished London office building situated on the edge of bustling Shoreditch and the industrious City needed a launch campaign that was bold enough, and credible enough, to attract a wide range of modern businesses looking for a new home in this area.

To put people front and centre in our branding while steering clear of cliché, Saentys created a cast of characterful creatures, each reflecting a persona and set of accompanying needs identified within our target audiences. Meanwhile, we strategically shifted the naming focus of Bonhill to capitalise on the cachet the street has earned as the home of Google's London HQ.

This memorable branding ran across a suite of carefully planned launch collateral spanning brochures, a website, and on-site marketing, all designed to rise above the noise and put Twenty Bonhill on the map for the discerning and diverse businesses of east London.

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