Multi-disciplinary experts facilitating a broad range of innovative outputs, all with one goal: your success.

  • Strategy & Consulting

    The brands and campaigns we design are always built on an informed, intelligent foundation. Our strategy team applies a rigorous methodology to define the vision for your product and brand challenges, to design solutions that will resonate and which will enable long-term success.

    Our expert

    • Anke Kadolsky

      Group Strategy Director
    • Our strategic approach is led by research and analysis. Real-world, tangible information that allows for a deep understanding of particular market dynamics and customer segments. This analysis provides the context for everything we do, underpinning our approach to design, branding, digital and all other outputs.

      Our scalable approach can range from light touch, through to rigorous qualitative and quantitative research depending on project needs.

    • We see brand strategy as the expression of your business strategy. Deployed correctly, it sets you apart and offers many points of meaningful differentiation. Strong brands command attention and, most of all, convert customers.

      Our approach includes brand positioning and naming, through to developing the brand essence and messaging. Once this work is done, our strategists work closely with our creatives to oversee development of brands that align with the strategic platform.

  • Creative

    Saentys’ branding and creative work is world-class. From luxury residences to iconic towers and from entire city districts to sublet campaigns, our brands resonate and our campaigns deliver results.

    Working from inception all the way through to delivery, we ensure the work is as consistent and strategic as it is timeless and iconic.

    Our experts

    • Davina Dyson

      Creative Director
    • Michael Potts

      Creative Director
    • This is where strategy and creativity overlap, resulting in standout creative concepts. Our work is guided by insights but elevated by our team to produce brands which people want to engage with, which tell stories, and which capture the essence of your product.

      Our Creative Directors oversee every project to ensure the identities we create are impactful and the work we produce is always of the highest standard.

    • When it comes to campaigns, we know what gets results. Based on the challenge, our teams devise a tailored campaign strategy including tools our customers need for their own sales initiatives. From this, our creative team gets to work, translating ideas into tangible solutions.

      We take a holistic approach that incorporates everything from printed materials and on-site branding, to digital marketing campaigns and online experiences. Our work always remains focussed on the campaign objectives. Once again, every output is scrutinised by our Creative Directors for their seal of excellence.

    • While everyone at Saentys is an expert in destination marketing, we feel it’s important to highlight the point with creative. Vastly experienced in the sector, our designers understand the challenges, the unique assets and the deliverables that are required for real estate campaigns. This means we get to work fast, and we produce work in line with our reputation as masters of efficiency. Our designers’ expertise means that we can often anticipate needs before you even ask. When it comes to property projects, we believe working with us pays dividends.

  • Digital

    Our digital philosophy is to create online experiences that are reflective of the physical destination and its qualities. This ensures that the awareness and understanding of the project is always clear and consistent, communicating your values and USPs through every digital touch-point.

    Our digital marketing campaigns, from email to social media to search advertising, are designed to entice, inform, and convert prospects.

    Our experts

    • Andreas Fux

      Agency Managing Director, Switzerland
    • Cyrielle Ah-Fa

      Digital Production Lead
    • Mélanie Defrance

      Digital Production Lead
    • Myke Laravine

      Digital Design Lead
    • The client challenge sits at the centre of everything we do. As a result, we are able to deliver solutions that are tailor-made and personal to each project.

      Our digital experiences transform how people interact with businesses, driving engagement and achieving long-term success – be it a website, an interactive presentation, an interactive tour, or a custom solution.

    • Once we build your website, the hub of any campaign, the work starts on building brand exposure. We develop lean, clever digital marketing strategies to drive your exact target audiences to the website and to make an enquiry.

      Strategies include SEO, search advertising, social media marketing, and more. From here, we track performance and user behaviour, which helps provide actionable insights and real-time improvements to campaign performance. Our exceptional Digital Producers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to deliver results.

    • Onboard is our smart business file-sharing platform (aka dataroom) with live reporting. Onboard allows us to create beautiful, password protected websites with datarooms, which provide deep control over user-access. Customers can control visibility of files, and even decide which groups of users can see which files.

      The Onboard client dashboard provides rich insights into user activity – so you always know which of your prospects may be the most engaged. The Onboard back-end makes it a breeze to manage files, users, and more.

    • Be it a face to face presentation in a meeting room, an online presentation over Zoom, or a one-on-one presentation delivered on an iPad, the ‘story’ matters. That’s where iPres, our interactive presentation platform comes in; consider it a slick presentation toolkit that enables telling the story of your asset in a way that’s tailored to your audience.

      iPres allows our customers to deliver dynamic, visual presentations, highlighting their assets in the best light, without the restrictions of a linear presentation. iPres also allows use of multi-media, to ensure all the tools you need to make an impactful impression are at hand.

  • Client Services

    Clear communication, industry-leading knowledge and a personalised approach. Our proactive attention to detail is what sets us apart. We’re not only used to the pace of work but we’re also agile and adaptable, able to deal with changing needs whenever required.

    Our experts

    • Anne Savarimuthu

    • Eveline Hagenbuch

    • Katie Park

      Client Services Director, UK
    • Marie Le Gohebel

      Agency Managing Director, France
    • Our Client Services team is dedicated to the delivery and commercial success of every project we work on. Our experts are proactive in their all-bases-covered approach, remaining two steps ahead to ensure that projects are on time, on budget and on point for what you need.

    • We see our client relationships as partnerships, and we act as a trusted, reliable advisor. We interpret, anticipate and solve client challenges and requirements. This is all done with the never-ending goal of delivering against the objectives of each and every client.

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