Magellim Développement

Location: France
Solution: Corporate
Deliverables: Activation + Advertising + Branding + Social media + Strategy + Visual identity + Website
Years active: 2022
Asset class Corporate

What if we reinvented a brand? Magellim Développement has undergone a repositioning and upgrade to face current challenges while maintaining its DNA and values.

Magellim Développement asked us to undertake a comprehensive repositioning of its brand and enhance its attractiveness internally and externally.


Following an immersion phase that incorporated audits, interviews, benchmarking, and analysis, we were able to reposition the brand and create an entirely new one that embodies its core values.

After defining and getting approval for the brand platform from all employees, we created the full brand guidelines.

Photo shoots, corporate videos, designing brand assets, newsletters, website, and developing various tools to promote the new brand philosophy and make it visible to the target audience. We ensured that all employees were onboarded to use and apply the messages, tools and different communication channels at their full potential.

Advertising campaigns

The editorial content designed and tone of voice were crucial in showcasing its personality. A human actor, always innovative and attentive to the expectations of the end users and territories.

A trustful partner

We are recognised as expert and communication advisors, operating with complete autonomy and attentive listener. We created an exciting account, engaged and focused on conveying real messages and increasing visibility.


Content creators

We oversee various communication channels, including LinkedIn and the blog, to enhance their attractiveness in the real estate market and establish them as innovation leaders.