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EQT | France

Smart Parc

Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film + Print + Strategy

Located in a part of Paris not traditionally known as a business destination, two commercial office buildings, together with a restaurant and surrounding grounds, were in need of a total rebrand and repositioning exercise to transform them into a distinctive and compelling prospect for modern tenants.

We renamed the development Smart Parc to match its new role as a thriving and co-operative workspace. Establishing yellow as the striking key colour, we combined black and white photography with dynamic typography and layouts for a modern and memorable visual style, setting the destination apart from the traditional offices of La Défense or Paris CBD.

Not neglecting the essentials – launch brochure and a fresh, playful website – we took things further, developing a CGI film and Google Cardboard VR experience to allow viewers to explore the space without ever stepping foot inside, simultaneously reinforcing Smart Parc’s status as a hub of innovation.

Our brand design became so central to the identity of the development, it was carried through to the interiors of the space itself, informing and inspiring the designs of the restaurants and coworking areas in what is now a fresh and strikingly modern work environment.

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