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In late 2015, the real estate investment company Gecina had carried out a bold study on well-being at work. Now it was looking for an original way to communicate its findings.

For Gecina, the ambition is to become the true yardstick when it comes to well-being at work. To achieve this, it wanted to draw on the example of Sky 56, one of its flagship projects in the heart of the Part-Dieu business district in Lyon.

In partnership with Gecina, Saentys created a beautilfully illustrated biannual magazine devoted to the topic of well–being in the workplace. The aim of the magazine was to put the study firmly in the spotlight, whilst also featuring testimonials, fact files and interviews with some of the key players in the area. As for Gecina’s own substantial contribution to well-being — that would come across in the finished projects.

The impact was immediate: At the Communications Awards, Saentys and Gecina were awarded the prize for best news magazine produced by a private organisation.

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