Location: Paris, France
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film + Print
Years active: 2023
Asset class Office

Where big projects
are born.

L’Usinerie is 15,000 sq m of refurbished offices in the heart of Clichy, a stunning historical architecture created to accommodate start-ups, agencies, coworking or even schools.


The project is the perfect representation of the district’s evolution. The area was once marked by industrial and working activities, but it has now been transformed into modern mixed private and public developments, which have become a level up platform for a new economic dynamic.

The logo design is based on the distinctive shape of the chimney that is present at the centre of the building. The visual identity draws inspiration from the bricks to create a flexible digital grid, which translates the historical elements into the modern pixel world.

Saentys was commissioned by Primonial REIM to develop the visual identity and all the marketing tools for the leasing campaign.

A strong and flexible identity that allows easy adaptation to all the different marketing tools imagined by our teams.

The architecture is magnified by the artist L’ATLAS©, author of the insitu artwork in the building lobby. He was inspired by the aesthetic and the history of the place.