Location: Switzerland
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Branding + Brochure + Film + Social media + Strategy + Website
Years active: 2023
Asset class Office

An iconic structure nestled within Geneva’s vibrant Rue du Rhône.

Emblem is a testament to Swiss elegance, spanning six floors that seamlessly integrate workspaces, comfort, and panoramic vistas. The challenge lay in the meticulous revitalisation of the building into a space that seamlessly merges opulent aesthetics with functional efficiency.

The goal was clear: to metamorphose this location into a beacon of refined productivity while upholding its historical significance and enriching its surroundings.

Additionally, to create a luxury yet modern brand identity that features its premium attributes and expresses the area it sits in.

A website was developed with this brand identity to immerse the potential tenants in the distinctive ambiance of Emblem.

Emblem brand has been designed to be timeless, elegant and differentiative from the other competitor to create impact in the Central Geneva’s office market.

The Saentys team conceptualised and produced an engaging film presentation that encapsulated the building’s essence.