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Raiffeisen | France


Branding + Digital

An architecturally stunning building of exceptional size, situated in one of Paris’s trendiest neighbourhoods, was soon to hit the market. Demand would be sky high, and the stage was set to attract the best possible tenant.

The Sentier neighbourhood is a fusion of history and modernity, with cobbled streets leading to the doorsteps of fashion, fitness and fintech brands. The redesigned development channelled this fusion. The façade, whose interweaving lines were designed to tell the story of the area’s textile manufacturing history, was masterfully updated. Curves were introduced, depth and proportion manipulated, to create a light, open, modern building. Inside, a vast and flexible working space unfolds, equipped with shops, health and fitness services and dedicated coworking areas.

To reflect the singularity of this offering, we dubbed it UFO, or Unique Flexible Office, and developed a clean, airy look and feel to echo the building’s interior. The campaign’s launch film, website and digital presentation tools all told the story of this one-of-a-kind building to the crème de la crème of France’s business scene.

And it seems they were listening. Within weeks, the campaign had attracted no less than Leboncoin, France’s biggest online classifieds platform, as its proud new occupant.

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