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Ivanhoe Cambridge | United Kingdom

The Minster Building Post-Completion

Branding + Digital + Environmental + Print + Strategy

An impressive neo-Gothic building in the heart of The City, London’s newly-refurbished Minster Building sought to breathe new life into the traditional office environment.

Saentys capitalised on all the building has to offer, directing a photo shoot that brought to life its extraordinary size and natural light, as well as the possibilities of the space. Designed to service traditional commercial tenants alongside modern-minded businesses, we put a spotlight on the size, scale and unique features of the building – the arrival experience of the café lobby area, sophisticated cycle and shower facilities, the multiple terraces, and more. We created a campaign showcasing, not just the property, but the work lifestyle that it was set to create, to appeal to those in search of a vibrant and varied working environment – with the likes of BrewDog and Third Space gym amongst newly signed-up retail tenants.

Whether on the elegant website or in on-floor marketing and teaser booklets, this content formed the basis of an impactful and engaging campaign, designed to make an impression on online and offline visitors alike.

The result? Overwhelmingly positive responses to creative, an excellent rate of recall, and, most crucially, almost every floor quickly snapped up by a variety of different businesses eager to take advantage of this beautifully-showcased property.

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