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Vinci Immobilier | France

Groupama Stadium

Advertising + Film

Vinci Immobilier has built a superb architectural complex around Lyon's Groupama Stadium which promises to open up the stadium and make the surrounding area an exceptional destination in its own right.

The Vinci group is a global player that designs, finances and builds infrastructure projects that contribute to improving the daily life and mobility of everyone.

Saentys has promoted the activities of the stadium's associated hotel, office, medical centre, retail and leisure facilities by producing a film to help publicise the complex and pique the interest of the local population. Above all, our aim was to reassure local residents that the development would indeed provide a space for all to enjoy.

Our film focuses on the improvement the development will make on the emotional wellbeing of the residents, proving that this complex will transform the space into the thriving neighbourhood the tenants expect. Our support allowed The Vinci Group to lay the foundation of communication and portray a positive and dynamic image for the project going forward.

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