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Gecina | France

32 Guersant

Branding + Digital + Film + Print + Strategy

How do you go about throwing off the shackles of traditional office design? This was the question facing Gecina, a leader in urban office design, when it set about renovating 32 Guersant, an office block in Paris’s 17th arrondissement.

An ambitious challenge, the project set out to redefine life in the workplace, turning the concept of office design on its head, breaking down partitions, bringing in light and capturing the spirit of the neighbourhood.

Gecina called upon Lobjoy&Bouvier&Boisseau to be the project’s architects, whilst Saentys was tasked with constructing its public profile. The brand identity that emerged was based around two pillars: firstly, to put people at the heart of the project, and secondly, to highlight its futuristic aspirations.

This mind-set was the inspiration behind the photographic documentary of the project, which captured those masterminding the development, those living and working in the area, as well as the transformation of the construction site itself. The photographic documentary was directed by David De Rueda, an acclaimed photographer and keen urban explorer.

From a multi award-winning website and an interactive presentation tool, through to teaser videos produced for the SIMI real estate exhibition, a strong design concept and brand story made it possible to translate the vision and the ambition of this project across different channels.

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