Location: Marseille, France
Solution: Corporate
Deliverables: Branding
Years active: 2018 - 2019
Asset class Industrial & Logistics

Saentys was instructed by Proudreed, a major player in the logistics sector, to create a new brand identity for its VEELLAGE business parks in France.

The ambition was to develop a strong brand identity and create a real user community within these parks.

In answer to this brief, we created a new brand platform and business parks brand identity, based on a fully illustrative concept. This allowed VEELLAGE to stand our in an extremely coded and competitive environment such as logistics.

In order to maintain a coherence and connection to the motherbrand of Proudreed, the brand colours were retained when creating the full set of space planning and wayfinding tools of the business parks. We also applied the new brand identity to all the print and digital collaterals used by the VEELLAGE brand.