Location: Paris, France
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Print
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Office

Tribu is the office component of a large-scale STAN development, supported by the French government.

The sprawling project combines hotels, student accommodation, retail, sports complexes, residential and office accommodation. Our goal was to create a brand and campaign that positioned Tribu as a vibrant work destination, attracting a set of like-minded young companies. However, with the project still in the early stages of development, there was a problem: this community didn’t exist.

So, the brand needed to communicate the project’s vision whilst also being flexible enough to evolve. The result was a digitally-focused campaign that provided a canvas for each viewer to project their own interpretation of the tribe. This used a set of portrait illustrations, where stylised characters infer a feeling of the place that Tribu can become, without putting it into a box.