The Stage

Location: London, UK
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Advertising + Branding + Digital + Print + Strategy
Years active: 2016 - 2022
Asset class Office

Cain Hoy and Galliard Homes turned to Saentys to design a full range of marketing tools for their unique, new real estate development in Shoreditch, The Stage.

This historic project centres around the recently-unearthed archaeological site of William Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre. Dubbed “The Stage” in honour of the location’s theatrical past, the development is to include prestigious residential, retail and office spaces as well as a visitor’s centre for the upcoming Curtain Theatre attraction.

Working closely with Cain Hoy and Galliard Homes, Saentys created a range of modern marketing tools to emphasise the historicity of the project while reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Shoreditch. The iconic Shakespearean theme recurs throughout the branding, from digital and print media to on-site marketing, creating a distinct, recognisable brand for the estate and its stakeholders.

The campaign celebrates The Stage’s illustrious past while conveying a sense of its future in the spirit of “living history.” At the same time, Saentys’ marketing suite has driven successful residential and office sales and leasing campaigns for the development, establishing a firm brand base for further marketing and promotional activities.