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WR Berkley | United Kingdom

The Scalpel

Branding + Digital + Print + Strategy

Very few addresses boast prime position in globally iconic skylines. The Scalpel, a striking tower in central London, was one of these rare opportunities to acquire a jewel fit for any crown.

Working with Eastdil Secured and Cushman & Wakefield, our campaign was constructed during the first months of the pandemic, providing a unique set of challenges. We knew that the digital experience was paramount. So, we created a set of sophisticated and rich marketing tools that combined the traditional with some forward thinking.

The brand captures The Scalpel’s most distinctive characteristics. Its iconic angular glass façade famously reflects the changing light over London. Throughout the day it shimmers with the changing skies, blending seamlessly into the tower cluster.

Supported by a stunning IM, we created what has become the new benchmark for interactive presentations in the market. Loaded with rich and immersive content to capture stretched lockdown attention spans, it was filled with carefully edited drone photography and fly-through shots of each floor. Delivering a project of this quality in the circumstances demonstrated another example of our position as the trusted agency for the City’s most prestigious jobs. When the stakes couldn’t be higher, this campaign proved we could deliver the quality necessary to deploy landmark properties to the market.

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