Location: Paris, France
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film + Print + Strategy
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Office

Society, Paris, is a great example of how involvement early in the development lifecycle can deliver sustained value to projects. Saentys worked with AXA to run a series of workshops centred around maximising the potential of this property through its service offering.

The client’s vision was to bring together two buildings under one overall brand and unify them through an unparalleled shared service offering. Tenants at Society would have everything that they need at their fingertips; moving between the two interconnected buildings to use the gym facilities or office spaces, cafés or gallery spaces on a daily basis. We worked with a team of industry experts to identify how to shape the multi-service offering for the market.

The goal was to answer the question, ‘How do we convince a high-level tenant that this building will add value to their company?’ Finding, testing and refining these answers provides long-term value by creating a road map. Instead of operating on assumptions on how to progress with the project, our involvement helped provide evidence for decision making.

Society is a great example of how advisory services can benefit large scale development projects globally. Our early involvement in the project helped inform the rest of our campaign. Society required an approach that brought two buildings, each with their own distinct personalities, together under one overarching identity. So, we created an exciting, crisp and coherent visual identity for each of the buildings – Lorette and Opera – and their joined ethos in Society 24. Our campaign highlighted the flexibility and vibrancy of the properties’ offering using a full suite of print, digital solutions and environmental installations.

The brand itself took inspiration from the building’s juxtaposed Hausman façade and sleek contemporary interiors to create a sense of possibility. Bespoke illustrations played with the photographic language to add energy and dynamism that was reflected in the choice of colour palettes. Overall, our campaign has portrayed a lifestyle in line with the project’s ambitious vision, and we are excited to watch the next stages progress.