Poly UK

Location: London, UK
Solution: Corporate
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Print + Strategy
Years active: 2019 - 2020
Asset class Corporate

Launching existing brands into new markets with juxtaposed cultural sensitivities is a delicate balancing act. One which requires in-depth market knowledge and the subtlety to transpose core values onto a new canvas without loss during translation.

We worked on a strategic re-brand project for the real estate arm of one of China’s largest companies, Poly Global. With an established presence in Australia and the US, the company was expanding into the UK and required a UK-focused expression of the brand.

We worked with Poly Global to complete a thorough brand strategy piece that successfully communicated their complicated brand architecture.

After completing a detailed series of stakeholder interviews and competitor analyses, we identified and refined the Poly Global brand ecosystem for the UK market, identifying their unrivalled financial clout and extensive on-the-ground team insight as the key pillars of the UK brand. This brand strategy was supported by subtle creative that introduced a new secondary colour palette and image style that aligned the existing visual identity with the cultural nuance of the UK market.