Location: Paris, France
Solution: Placemaking
Deliverables: Branding + Digital
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Macro Destinations

A new landmark in Paris La Défense, Odyssey was designed at a neighbourhood scale, fit for the challenges of the future.

The project is made up of 3 buildings built around a common central square, forming a 140,000 sqm mixed-use property project unique in Europe. The development will welcome offices, a hotel, shops, residences as well as multiple public spaces – all designed as fully mixed-purpose buildings, to allow for a potential change of usage in the future.

Saentys’ main challenge was to define an ambitious and innovative brand vision while offering descriptive and informative content. To achieve this we came up with a clear communication strategy to present to the project stakeholders – planners, investors, operations, and the general public.

The full set of marketing tools are based on a rich and coherent brand platform, with one clear objective: to bring to life a memorable experience at each point of the customer journey. To reach every type of audience, we created a flexible and agile toolkit to fit various needs.

Saentys worked with Primonial REIM on the communication strategy, brand identity, messaging, presentation tools, iPres and website.