Nuveen (B2C)

Location: Worldwide
Solution: Corporate, Tenant Engagement
Deliverables: Branding + Print
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Corporate

Saentys has been working with Nuveen, one of world’s largest real estate investment managers, since 2014, on various corporate and campaign rollout initiatives.

In 2021, Nuveen came to us with a new exciting project: to create a consumer-facing brand, with which they could directly engage with their building occupiers.

Working with the business stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic, in the first phase we provided contextual analysis, persona development and a customer user journey to create new positioning and messaging for the B2C brand. We followed this by developing a new visual branding system, synergetic with the parent B2B brand, but now focused on creating direct tenant engagement with leasing organisations, their staff as well as building operators.

Throughout the process we were mindful of the buildings themselves, which across the Nuveen portfolio have different degrees of architectural or historical presence; we created the new brand to be accommodating of these sensitivities. We documented this work in Global Brand Guidelines, rolled out across the UK, Europe and US.

The second phase, which is now underway, centres on creating application guidelines and templates for specific channels; from Microsoft Office templates, to modular email platforms, wayfinding & signage and occupier apps.