Nuveen (B2C)

Location: Worldwide
Solution: Corporate, Tenant Engagement
Deliverables: Branding + Environmental + Strategy
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Corporate

Nuveen Real Estate is one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world with offices in over 30 cities throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Saentys had been working on various corporate and B2B campaign rollout initiatives for Nuveen for years (see our Nuveen B2B case study). In 2021, Nuveen came to us with a new exciting project: to create a consumer-facing brand, with which they could directly engage with their building occupiers.

Across their extensive portfolio of first-class assets, tenants have no relationship with the Nuveen brand. As a result, Nuveen is leaving a lot of value on the table when it comes to its brand perception and loyalty from its tenants. Working with business stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic, we helped Nuveen create a global B2C brand to sit across its portfolio and unify its relationship with its tenants and create long-term value through loyalty and consumer confidence.

Our strategic approach is a “brand-led” tenant engagement strategy that translates corporate brand values into an overarching B2C brand platform. Our strategy was to create a B2C brand that humanises Nuveen to its tenants in an authentic and relevant way for multiple stakeholders. The result would be increased brand value through loyalty and customer satisfaction across the portfolio.

We started with a top-down approach, beginning with focused research and an in-depth brand audit of Nuveen’s existing corporate brand. This helped us establish the key areas to translate the existing brand values into a new B2C brand. The implementation of this strategy is ongoing, but the initial results are a brand that feels more aligned with the changing market demands. This brand will be the foundation on which we build and implement a program to increase tenant engagement and create value for Nuveen’s portfolio.

One aspect of the project centres on creating application guidelines and templates for specific channels; from Microsoft Office templates, to modular email platforms, wayfinding & signage and occupier apps.