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Musée d'ethnographie de Genève | Switzerland



The Museum of Ethnography in Geneva (MEG) houses a collection of over 80,000 objects arranged across a number of displays celebrating the study of human culture, habit and custom.

The challenge at MEG was to further diversify its audience by effectively communicating with both regular visitors and people new to the experience. To help achieve this goal, Saentys delivered a compelling and contemporary marketing strategy in order to reposition the museum on a global level.

Invoking the spirit of the museum, Saentys explored the relationship between people and objects with a “Deeply Human” campaign, featuring images from the collection interwoven with portrait photography. The same human approach was used for one of the museum’s temporary exhibitions, “The Amazon. Shamans and the Spirit of the Forest”, where colour images of the Amazon were placed next to black and white photographs of indigenous people.

Drawing on the success of these campaigns, the museum went on to win the European Museum of the Year Award for 2017 and has continued to develop this highly visual strategy to further expand its audience.

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