Lausanne Tourism

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Solution: Corporate, Placemaking
Deliverables: Branding + Print
Years active: 2020 - 2022
Asset class Macro Destinations

Situated on Lake Geneva, and Switzerland’s second largest city, Lausanne’s main claim to fame is that it’s home to the International Olympic Committee.

Built on three hills, the city is extremely picturesque with an old town, Gothic cathedral and pretty waterfront area. It might boast a stunning location but the city doesn’t quite have the kudos of its more famous cousins, Geneva and Zurich. Saentys is working to redress that balance.

Working in partnership with Lausanne Tourisme, our team was briefed to create a contemporary brand that appeals to the widest possible audience: international and national tourists, locals, business and the media.

Our creative solution was to bring out the vibrancy of the city, putting it on the map on an equal footing with Geneva and Zurich. The new Lausanne brand appears on everything from ads and promotions to signage, merchandising and digital marketing.

We also produce a bi-annual publication that highlights the diversity of the city of Lausanne and its surrounding areas. Every edition is developed in collaboration with the Lausanne Tourist board and Large Network who provides the articles.