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Icon Real Estate | Netherlands

Icon Real Estate


Icon Real Estate commissioned Saentys to create a new website to reflect the company’s vision and positioning as a premium developer and asset manager.

As a market-leading, tenant-focused real estate company, Icon operates a portfolio of prime properties and urban business locations throughout the Benelux. Their previous website had become inconsistent with the company’s image as a leading market player with one of the most high-end portfolios in the region.

To modernise and overhaul Icon’s online presence, Saentys created an elegant new layout reflecting the company’s values. The new website conveys Icon’s strong emphasis on developing stylish yet functional environments for a creative, urban clientele.

A calm, white grid background reflects the company’s approach to designing workspaces that provide clarity and maximise creativity. Meanwhile, set in this smooth, linear context, large-format images of the interiors of Icon’s upscale properties project sophistication and a touch of glamour.

With its captivating imagery and tranquil design, the new website by Saentys evokes Icon’s modern corporate identity. Now, Icon’s online presence lives up to its positioning as a distinguished company at the apex of European real estate development.

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