Location: Switzerland
Solution: Corporate
Deliverables: Advertising + Branding + Digital + Film + Print + Strategy
Years active: 1970 - 2018
Asset class Corporate

Homsphere build homes of the future: welcoming, intelligent, affordable – and powered entirely by solar energy.

One of the latest innovations in ecological residential design, Homsphere is being hailed as the house of tomorrow. Able to generate all its electricity via solar panels with no carbon emissions. The house combines high-performance materials, the best energy efficiency, and an easy-to-use app, allowing owners to control their utilities and see energy usage at the touch of a button. It even comes complete with an electric car.

It was Saentys’ task to take this future home concept and develop it into a captivating brand. Our verbal and visual identity shone an evocative spotlight onto the harmonious meeting of technology and wellness at the core of Homsphere’s ethos. We developed an original digital strategy that focused on building a community of engaged and interested parties – an innovative approach that meant properties found their buyers quickly. Our approach proved effective, with all homes sold in a matter of days.