Chaletbau Matti

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland
Solution: Placemaking
Deliverables: Digital
Years active: 2021 - 2022
Asset class Residential

Chaletbau Matti embodies the spirit of a family business that has been designing and building the finest chalets for three generations.

Our challenge was to reposition Chaletbau Matti in a harmonious expression between tradition and modernity. We wanted to direct the narration on a poetic course to convey the excellence and refinement offered by a Chaletbau Matti chalet. Powerful and authentic words collide to create an atypical narrative, full of magic and character.

Based in Gstaad, Switzerland, their unique craftsmanship and rich heritage are instantly recognisable. In order to capture the essence of this discreet but highly regarded brand among connoisseurs, we immersed ourselves in their universe. The outcome of this close collaboration is a communication that reflects their unique vision: a blend of passion, tradition and innovation.