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Caudwell | United Kingdom


Branding + Digital + Print

Caudwell is a truly unique company. Satisfied with nothing less than being the absolute and unrivalled pinnacle of their field.

The company, owned by eccentric billionaire John Caudwell, has a simple vision: to make the most magnificent residences in the world. Given its enormous and decadent scale and scope, Caudwell development projects have even been the subject of dedicated prime time television shows.

We began work with Caudwell to help them create a website that matched the quality of their vision. We worked with their existing creative assets to expand the brand’s visual identity, completing a series of beautiful photography that would be used throughout. The final site was fit to be the flagship of the corporate brand, responsible for communicating the Caudwell reputation and their commitment to delivering flawless and prestigious residences that connect with the past, celebrate the present and will become landmarks of the future.

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