Buckingham Green

Location: London, UK
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Environmental + Print
Years active: 2016 - 2022
Asset class Office

Buckingham Green is a 240,000 sq ft mixed-use development by London & Oriental that reimagines a previously neglected corner of St James’s.

Designed by award-winning architect Fletcher Priest, the project restores a 16-storey tower built in 1978 and adds two distinctive new buildings: one paying homage to the location’s historic surroundings with a terracotta brick façade, the other projecting into the future with an intricate aluminium trellis.

Drawing inspiration from Priest’s use of contrasting materials and conscious embrace of heritage, Saentys commissioned a world-renowned photographer to document the story of the project’s most striking features, including the materials for the two new façades. From a traditional brickworks in Leicestershire to an artisanal metalsmith in Switzerland and a Carrara marble quarry in Italy, the camerawork captures the project’s handcraft and uncompromising attention to detail.







The finishing touch to the campaign is a beautiful book-length brochure contained in an elegant white bespoke box. Through stunning photography, maps and technical illustrations, the brochure highlights Buckingham Green’s unique design and exquisite building materials.

For the digital campaign, Saentys created a website which curates the story of Buckingham Green not only through text and images but also through the fluid UX. The site continues this narrative with a walkthrough of the striking building materials and a focus on the retail development.