Location: London, UK
Solution: Corporate
Deliverables: Branding + Digital + Print
Years active: 2018 - 2022
Asset class Corporate

When property consultancy GM Real Estate decided to rebrand as BH2, we were given the challenge of delivering its new branding without losing the company’s values and reputation along the way.

Times change, businesses evolve, and BH2 needed a brand that could reflect its dynamic, modern outlook. Saentys reimagined all assets, from website and social media to stationery and much more in-between. We needed to ensure that, at every touchpoint, the brand felt current, premium, and true to BH2 and its clients.

By retaining certain signature elements we were able to ensure a recognisable link to established GM Real Estate branding, while creating a wholly-new, original look for the company. Using a strong minimal palette, clean fonts, sharp, polished photography and a confident online presence, we remade BH2 as a brand with its eyes fixed firmly on the future.