10 Solferino

Location: Paris, France
Solution: Leasing
Deliverables: Advertising + Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film + Print + Strategy
Years active: 2020 - 2022
Asset class Office

A building lives many different lives. Each one shaped by its inhabitants, culture, redevelopment, or a myriad of other factors. Some may be fleeting, but others have remarkable staying power.

10 Solferino in Paris is one such building.

Located in Paris’ historic 7th arrondissement, this property was famously home to the French Socialist Party. As a result, the address is well known in the minds of many in the nation.

When working with APSES to transform 10 Solferino from political headquarters into high-end modern office space, we created a campaign that simultaneously harnessed the renown of this famous address while reintroducing a new future for the building to the market.

Our 360° campaign focused on image. This focus included a striking set of high-class print items that reflected the quality of the property, a sleek website and range of visual assets that approached the task of transforming perception from every perspective.

The brand we created took inspiration from the distinctive Parisian fashion scene. Using stark and minimalistic black and white typography and graphics to align the new Solferino with its target audience.

Brochure layouts were a nod to the high-end fashion publications like Harpers Bazaar, and large picture and typographic spreads allowed the building to scream of a future-focused, vibrant and dynamic new direction.