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APSYS Groupe | France

10 Solferino - Historic. Iconic. Legendary.

Advertising + Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film + Print + Strategy

Amidst the signature splendour of the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides and the Louvre, a new contender has emerged. Enter Dix Solferino: a luxury development in need of equally luxurious branding.

The secret to a building’s exclusivity lies in its location, history and architecture – the magic ingredients that make it unique. Inspired by the site’s rich past and intricate architecture, Apsys and architect Jean-Paul Viguier have reinvented this exceptional building, ushering it into a new golden age. The result? A spectacular example of renovation at its finest, buoyed by a contemporary approach to space, comfort and functionality.

Once home to the French Socialist Party and erstwhile office of François Mitterand, this iconic development is boldly reinventing premium office chic on Paris’s Rive Gauche.

Experts in the art of exclusivity, Saentys was entrusted with crafting a marketing mix that reflected Dix Solferino’s identity as a luxury landmark: from website, film kit and 3D visuals to brochures, notebooks, and even candles – all artfully designed to reflect the heart and soul of this exceptional location.

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