Creativity to drive business success

Inspired by our Alpine namesake, Saentys stands for light and rock – a fusing of creativity and consultancy to drive business success and create long-term partnerships with our clients.


The essence of the creative concept; the 360º creative thinking and doing that brings our ideas to life, opening the door to new ventures and new opportunities.


The strength of our support; the depth and breadth of market knowledge and management skill that ensure our solutions are grounded, effective and results-driven.

What we do...

  • Advertising

    Our multi-media expertise enables us to design integrated advertising campaigns that reach the desired audience in the most effective, relevant way, and are tracked to monitor success. 

  • Branding

    Getting under the skin of a business or product, identifying its essence, values and goals is the way we ensure the brands we create are relevant, memorable and successful.

  • Digital

    We help our clients to promote their brands in the best, most appropriate environments by harnessing the full range of digital tools from the web and social media to film and virtual reality. 

  • Environmental

    From wayfinding to marketing suites and exhibition stands, we design the physical space and the marketing tools that ensure users are completely immersed in the brand experience.

  • Print

    In the digital age, print is still a powerful medium providing an unrivalled multi-sensorial brand experience. Our design skills and print knowledge enable us to make use of the latest materials, formats and print techniques.

  • Strategy

    Our profound understanding of international markets combined with a solid track record means we’re skilled at recognising the complex business challenges our clients face, enabling us to respond with effective strategies that get results.