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Cardinal & Vinci Immobilier | France

One Station


​Cardinal and Vinci Immobilier have been appointed as co-promoters by EPASE to develop the new Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux business district.

One Station, a new office building facing the Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux TGV station is a major element of this exciting new development. Cardinal ensure all development activities promote the comfort and well-being of the occupants whilst bringing about innovative change in the area. Vinci Immobilier bring with them their superior expertise in the design, finance and construction of infrastructure developments which aim to improve the lives of local residents.

One Station forms part of a larger project comprising 25,000m2 of space including the new CPAM Loire headquarters, an office building, retail units, residential properties and a hotel complex. This large-scale operation will generate close to 1,000 new jobs and will accommodate more than 200 residents.

Saentys created a narrative that was inspired by the neighborhood’s architecture and infused with the DNA of Saint-Etienne in order to create a strong graphic identity and elegantly laid out brochure. The pronounced structure inspires the geometric logo and our clear communication plan allowed prospects to quickly understand the strengths of the program.

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