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Marathon AM | France


Branding + Digital + Environmental + Film

Just a few minutes from the banks of the Seine sits Koselig: the development bringing signature Scandi cosy to the Parisian world of work.

From layout to functionality, every inch of the building’s 15,300 square metres draws inspiration from the domestic – resulting in a uniquely warm and welcoming workspace. Clever layouts and cosy interior design combine to create a homely atmosphere that it was our job to bring to life in the development’s branding.

Every aspect of this innovative office space has been designed to make its occupants feel at home, and its multi-purpose spaces adapt to a variety of uses from meeting and eating to fitness and play. With this flexibility, workers are free to work from where they like, moving to match their task and mood. This meeting of cosy comfort and flexibility results in an energising environment where curiosity and collaboration thrive.

From the renovation’s earliest stages, Saentys were central to Koselig’s brand strategy. We delivered a suite of marketing tools to launch the office space ranging from website, film, brochures and digital tools to a user guide, and more.

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