08 January 2018

Pembroke launches new visual identities for its growing German asset portfolio

A property’s branding plays a critical role in attracting buyers and securing a sale. However, some visionary developers are using it as a proactive marketing tool to add value to their wider business, giving them a springboard to help prepare for the future. Take our client Pembroke Real Estate. The US company owns and manages six German assets – modern and flexible spaces in ambitious and desirable locations. With a reputation as outstanding owners and asset managers, Pembroke knew that their visual identity had to reflect not only the quality of their German portfolio but also their wider business reputation.

Working on the Gestalt theory of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, we saw the advantage of bringing the portfolio together under one, subtly recognisable look and feel. We came up with the Pembroke Seal of Quality, a graphic device that neatly links all six properties together while allowing each to breathe as individual entities. The graphic will be applied to all current and future assets within Pembroke’s German portfolio, a subtle addition to the existing ‘A Pembroke Real Estate Property’ copy line.

Following the branding work, we’ve also produced a variety of communication material for three of the properties. For Coffee Plaza in Hamburg’s visionary new Hafencity development, we created a raft of literature including a leasing brochure, plus marketing suite and signage. For the Alterhof building in Munich we created three different letting brochures, two of which were targeted at specific audiences to maximise the letting potential. We also created a signage system for one of Munich’s largest office developments, Alstadt Palais.