30 May 2018

Lumen wins (four) web design awards!

Saentys is thrilled to announce our website for Lumen has received Special Kudos recognition from the CSS Design Awards. Additionally, in the competitive new public vote categories, Saentys has won awards in all 3 categories – Best UI Design, Best UX Design, and Best Innovation.

Lumen, an innovative new development in Lyon, aims to bring experts from across the light industry into the same building to foster collaboration and innovation.

Saentys created a website featuring playful interactions with light, and based around the content HUB (human, uses, business) – encouraging website visitors to discover the content based on their area of interest. Saentys also conducted interviews with leading experts in the lighting industry for the website’s blog exploring what’s next for the industry, what innovations are forthcoming, and how LUMEN can be a hub for R&D.