25 November 2016

1st Prize for “Best magazine” in the 2016 Communications Awards

We are proud to have received First Prize in the “private magazine” category at the 2016 Communication Awards held in Cannes at the end of November. The award was won for Gecina’s “Well at Work” magazine, a strategic success story combining corporate communications and product marketing.

Saentys is designing a brand content strategy for Gecina by helping it create its own media platform, the “Well at work” magazine. The biannual periodical publishes articles and baseline surveys to report on wellbeing at work, while subtly highlighting the innovations of Gecina’s real estate programmes.

In terms of corporate communications, the magazine published an exclusive survey on wellness at work which was carried out in collaboration with IPSOS.

For product marketing, a special “programmes” insert was written from a journalistic point of view, exploring how real estate developers are approaching user satisfaction (employees and managers).